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07: Public Domain (02/27/13)
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Eli shows Dave a handy new tool to get him chics.
Dave & Eli wonder what's become of their favorite TV villain.
Feat. sketch & stand-up comedian Amanda Ohly!
Dave & Eli create a trailer for the greatest movie ever.
Dave & Eli become the finest young detectives in Bayport.
Feat. sketch comedian Eric Stitt, improver Jeremy Briggs, and Sean Townley!
Dave & Eli channel their inner gods for the battle of the century.
Feat. improver Jeremy Briggs and the work of 5SF's Tomm Jacobsen!
Dave & Eli score their own talk show.
Feat. Sketch comedians Jeff Ahern & Richard Van Slyke of ACME!
Eli shows Dave a handy new tool to get him chics.
Dave struggles at coming to grips with the new direction of his favorite franchise.
Dave and Eli encounter the magical charm of Sean.
Feat. Sean Townley!
Dave and Eli find the true meaning of Christmas.
Feat. Sketch comedian and stand up comic Jeff Ahern!
On the brink of death, a roach recounts his life's greatest tragedies and triumphs...
Dave and Eli hold an intervention for their unruly roommate.
Dave and Eli head out on the open trail in search of fortune and manifest destiny.
Feat. comedian Mary Van Luven of ACME Comedy!
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