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Tim Balko screws around at the office and we reap the benefits. Hope you like Star Wars.

Feb 25 - by Tim Balko

What's wrong with this picture?
Feb 17 - by Tim Balko

Everybody loves a Porkins.
Feb 13 - by Tim Balko

Feb 05 - by Tim Balko

Check out what new trendiness is trending...
Dec 25 - by Tim Balko

We wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Hutty New Year!
Feb 23 - by Tim Balko

Feb 14 - by Tim Balko

Feb 11 - by Tim Balko

New series of exclusive new Iron Man prototypes! Exploring new & improved ways of generating power...
Feb 09 - by Tim Balko

Hope this makes your Saturday night even more special-er!
Feb 02 - by Tim Balko

Once again, we demonstrate how life sucks being a Storm Trooper...
Jan 19 - by Tim Balko

Introducing...Tim Balko's Guard Dooty!
Dec 23 - by Tim Balko

Merry LOSTmas to all!
Dec 22 - by Tim Balko

Stay tuned for graphic ridiculousness!
Cory gives you all the latest and greatest pun action.

Feb 24 - by Cory

Those who didn't win an Oscar may be misérables. The only way to continue good work is to pursue a Life of Pi-ety.
Feb 12 - by Cory

An a-rose-ing Valentine's day means couple-ing lots of fun activities together!
Feb 11 - by Cory

It's Valentine's week, and that means Valentine's puns & pickup lines! Even if you don't love them, you won't have the heart to tell us!
Feb 09 - by Cory

Pun #3: As much as it bytes and is tera-ble, solving computer problems is alt about keeping tab-s on return-ing issues and maintaining ctrl.
That's all for that topic! Comment your pun topi...
Feb 05 - by Cory

This week's pun topic is...computers! Monitor closely and don't be offended if they aren't PC...
Jan 27 - by Cory

Gym Pun #4: Getting the body you want is easy with these tips: weight for the right opportunity, pull up those who are feeling down, and stretch yourself to the limit!
That's all for that t...
Jan 25 - by Cory

Gym Pun #3: It's hard to make time for the gym when there are so many other "press"ing issues.
Jan 21 - by Cory

Just recently started going to the gym again... So this week's topic is gym-related puns to "lift" your spirits!
Tweet pun topic suggest...
Dec 24 - by Cory

You must be a Christmas angel of light, because you put me in a "holi-daze!"
Dec 23 - by Cory

Christmas is the perfect time for gifts, so let us "present" some Christmas puns and pickup lines! (Just humor us as we humor you.)
Feb 20 - by Cory

Though the Oscars are never an Unexpected Journey, it's always a Brave new world for film!
Feb 18 - by Cory

It's Oscar week, so award winning film puns will be our "Amour"! The jokes will be so bad you'll probably say Arg...O yeah we went there.
Feb 07 - by Cory

Pun #2: Computers open up new "windows" of opportunity and "drive" people to new heights!
Feb 03 - by Cory

Traffic Pun #3: Avoid traffic by: "Braking" habits of taking the major highways, use public transportation if you're not too bus-y, and try walking instead of driving, it's a "free-way" to travel!
Jan 30 - by Cory

Traffic Pun #2: While traffic "drives" us crazy, it's important to stay mile-d mannered.
Jan 28 - by Cory

"Getting stuck in traffic" just got the "green light" for this week's pun topic, and it's something all of us grow tire-d of. (not unlike these puns, I'm sure.)
Jan 23 - by Cory

Gym pun #2: Exercise enough, and in the end, it will all work out.
Jan 17 - by BreakTime
For our *almost* launch, an honorary pun: We know trying Break Time is a gamble, but you'll at least "break" even! Ha Ha. *crickets*
Dec 25 - by Cory

Make sure you've "sant-a" good gift to all your friends this year! #BreakTimeStillSucks

Alright, I think that's a "wrap" on the Christmas puns...

Dec 23 - by Cory

Hey, wanna join me for some Christmas drinks back at my place? I've been "stocking" you for a while...
Dec 22 - by BreakTime

Break Time is like hard biscuit dough. You KNEAD us badly... #punssuck #breaktimesucks

Mar 21 - by BreakTime

“Four score and seven break times ago, I saw a sketch about a voodoo doll.” –- Abraham Lincoln
Jan 22 - by BreakTime

“Be courteous to all, but intimate with few, and let those few be well tried before you give them Break Time.” –George Washington
Dec 29 - by BreakTime

"It is impossible to rightly govern a nation without God and Break Time.” --George Washington
Feb 19 - by BreakTime

“A picture is worth a thousand words. So, break time would be a like a gazillion.” – Napoleon Bonaparte
Jan 02 - by BreakTime

“Give me Liberty, or give me Break Time.” – Thomas Payne
Dec 28 - by BreakTime

You may not know this, but Break Time's greatness has been prophesied throughout history...
Pics. Of the Break Time nature.

Apr 17 - by BreakTime

Sketch #12 is here and looking for payback!
Mar 28 - by BreakTime

It's loads of good ol' fashioned fun! *wink*
Feb 20 - by BreakTime

Beware the grave darkness of nerd fandom...Episode #6 is here!
Feb 13 - by BreakTime

To get you through the second half of the week, here's Dancing Sean! Can you resist his charm?
Jan 30 - by BreakTime

Check out "Chronicles of a Dying Roach" here!
Jan 18 - by BreakTime

Check out Oregon Trail here!
Apr 03 - by BreakTime

Sketch #11 "The Trailer": Exploding onto a screen near you now!
Mar 20 - by BreakTime

Break Time is back with a vengeance! Watch Dave & Eli do battle as glorious gods of Greece!
Mar 06 - by BreakTime

Dave & Eli explore the paranormal in sketch #8!
Feb 27 - by BreakTime

"Public Domain" is now streaming in a sub-par manner!
Feb 19 - by BreakTime

Watch "Dancing Sean" now! Try to say no. That's right, you can't.
Feb 06 - by BreakTime

Just when you thought Christmas was finally long gone...
Jan 23 - by BreakTime

Check out "The Roommate" here!
Dec 20 - by BreakTime

Break Time makes the frontier look good...
No promo.

Jan 27 - by BreakTime

Reason #5 to watch Break Time...
Dec 26 - by BreakTime

Reason #4 to watch Break Time...
Dec 22 - by BreakTime

And now, it's "very punny shameless promotional" time!
Dec 20 - by BreakTime

Reason #1 to watch Break Time...
Jan 16 - by BreakTime

Break Time is launching soon...GET PUMPED!!
Jan 02 - by BreakTime

Try a Break Time!! Coming to a store near you sort-of-very-soon-ish!
Dec 23 - by BreakTime

Reason #3 to watch Break Time...
Dec 21 - by BreakTime

Reason #2 to watch Break Time...
Dec 18 - by BreakTime
Site is now online! Stay tuned for updates!
The Break Time web site is now online! Stay tuned for our first sketch.
Crap that doesn't fit with other crap.

Feb 22 - by BreakTime

To celebrate this 2 1/2 day break time, enjoy this legendary Dancing Sean-ness!
We gave our intern a say in something. We regret it.

Mar 12 - by The Intern

Everybody has a dream, right? At least that's what I remind myself. Who am I? Just your friendly neighborhood “Break Time!" intern. Ever since I was a child, I dreamed of the bright lights of Hol...